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Top 10 Anime Movies For Adults

Anime films for adults.

These are my top ten adult anime movies designed with adults in mind. Not for children. I'll have another post for children's Anime.

Anime like dragon ball Z and the Last Air Bender cartoons are anime, but definitely not designed for adults. In fact I loathe Dragon Ball Z. But the movies on this list are great animated movies that are designed specifically for adults. Not children. At the time Akira came out, most adults thought cartoons and animation was for children. It was in japan that cartoons for adults started to take place. It was also designed for teens which helped diversify the audience. But they had not reached the level that would make a true movie junkie happy. It wasn't until Akira came that the world started to take notice.

Ghost in the shell (movie 1)
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Not just my favorite Anime movie, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is a great movie and worth owning on Blu-Ray. The movie is fast paced and thoughtfully written. The animation is beautiful.  The story is very clean.  I love this movie. It does have nudity and plenty of violence, with blood and heads being blown off. 

This is the movie that opened the flood gates to anime. It was a big budget film and it stole the hearts and minds of many of us movie fanatics. Keep in mind that this movie does have nudity, assault on people (both assault a female in one raw scene and exploding people), lots of violence, and some pretty gross stuff (well at least gross to some people). I won't show this to my son until he's around 16 and mature enough to handle the mature content.
This movie also made an incredible change in how these Anime movies were made. This was a big budget movie. It had a true composer, early computer animation, and life like speech and body movements. Things that have not been seen in any feature film before then.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
This is much more disturbing that the first film. You won't know why until the end of the film. And no I'm not going to spoil it for you.  But like the first, it has nudity and violence. But man is the violence fun. And like the first movie, this movie forces you to think. It is another very deep movie that you will not completely understand the first couple of times you see it. A very well written and deep movie, with a very mature theme.

Ninja Scroll
This and decency do not go together. While it is a very well regarded anime movie in terms of the adult content (and it is a fun movie with lots of action), it does have some off putting adult content. Nudity, an implied rape sequence, a clearly viewed sex scene, and lots and lots of blood. This is right up there with the bloodiest Anime movies out there. It is also more detailed in it's gore when compared to movies like Fist of the North Star. (Check that movie out if you want to see some old school Anime.) I have no intention of letting my son see this until adulthood, and even then.....

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
A great movie. While it does not have the nudity that the other Vampire Hunter movie had, it does have plenty of blood and violence. A very well done and fun movie. I'll probably let my son see it when he's 13 or 14. If I think he's mature enough and stops being scared of the zombies in time splitters.

Appleseed Ex Machina
A fun and entertaining movie.  It takes place in the future when machines take on human form…and function.  There is plenty of violence for any action junkie.  The story is well written and told well.  The pace is good.  The animation is absolutely beautiful.  A good movie for adults as well as teens.

This is an awesome PG-13 movie. This is the movie that spurred the phrase, while American animators are playing in the sand box, Japanese animators are flying to the moon. It does have some sexual innuendoes and mature themes. I probably won't watch it with my children until they reach adulthood. Plus I don't see the average teenager grasping the key concepts of this film. And the beginning can be a bit boring for some. But not for me.

Ghost in the shell stand alone complex
This film follows the cartoon and not the films. It is its own universe. A great movie that makes you really think, and think hard. But not as good as the first two. This movie has plenty of violence for the violent movie fan. It is much more youth friendly than the other two in the other universe, but does require a good mind to grasp the message. And I recommend you see the 2 season cartoons first.

Perfect Blue
This is a distrubing movie. Another movie like Paprika that keeps falling in and out of reality. One scene you think is a mutually agreed upon sex act, later you find that that was not what really happened. It really disturbed me and I just can't recommend it for anyone other than the most mature and liberal individuals.

Straight Jacket
I recommend this one because of the shear amount of violence and blood.  A very bloody movie.  It also dispatches adults and kids alike.  It does not discriminate.  I really love this movie because it takes violence to a whole new level.

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